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What an amazing night – standing on an overheating generator on a stop and start truck where I could not see my daughter while she walked alongside the truck through a crowd of @80,000 people while singing ourselves sore and my missus got lost amongst them :p.

It was great!!!

I really mean that. The stop-start truck mostly just provided a few laughs as people tried to maintain their balance and it wasn’t that often. The singing was incredibly up-beat, and accompanied by a group of west african palm drummers, really set a great mood for the float and got the crowds going a treat too. One of the sopranos was keeping an eye on Jordan (thank you very much for that), and after an initial issue with the generator – it all went swimmingly well. Jen also hooked up with a friend and had a spectacular night too from the sound of it.

Big shout out to Gina (and crew) who put in a huge amount of effort in putting the phoenix themed float together – looked astounding. And to Julian, for keeping the music and song going in a superb fashion.

Don’t think Jordan will be forgetting that one in a hurry – “I felt like I was really famous. I high-fived soooo many people” 😀

I am thoroughly looking forwards to the next Wellington Community Choir event (next Sunday, so not too far).


Jesus seen…?

According to an article on Ugandan newspaper The Monitor, Jesus has been spotted on a mobile phone mast

Thanks to The Register for the heads up on that one.

Choral Calender

Lots going on over the next month or so as part of Wellington Community Choir (of which I am one of the bass’ and Jordan is a soprano).

We have the largest float in the Cuba Street Carnival where we are doing something like an hour and a half spot.
And there is an event at Newtown Community Centre.
We have another thing at Te Papa Museum,
We have been asked to sing at the Commonwealth Observance ceremony at the cathedral in front of diplomats and MPs and stuff.

All in the next month.

Right – I’m of to gargle 🙂

One for those of us who care – SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer now available

From the Guys at the SQL Server Manageability Team Blog

 SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer (February 2007 CTP)–Now Available

Mother Nature, you rock my world (literally)

Had a quake this afternoon (4.4 on the richter scale). I am told I will get used to it but it still feels a bit like sea motion at the moment which is incredibly bizarre when you are sitting in your office at your workstation. T’is strange at the number of people in the office that didn’t know it had happened.

Details can be found here.

Might try to keep track of the ones I can feel on the blog.

Development Firefox Extensions

In my working life, I work as a web developer. In my tireless search for tools to help in this endeavor I use some absolutely invaluable Firefox Extensions. Most people that work in the field will probably know about them, but I figured I would post something with links to the extensions I use. Let me know if there are others you use which I have missed.

Bookmark Sync and Sortconnect to an FTP/WebDAV server and synchronize your bookmarks

Deepest Sender – (OK, not really development software, but great for posting to WordPress without needing to explicitly log in to post to blogs from directly within Firefox

Dowload StatusbarView and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar – without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing.

Firebugedit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page

FireFTPsecure, cross-platform FTP client

GoogleTabsopen Google search results in tabs

HTML Validatoradds HTML validation

IE Tabsee how your webpage displayed in IE with just one click and then switch back to Firefox

StylishUser styles empower your browsing experience by letting you fix ugly sites

Web DeveloperAdds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools

P.S. If you don’t have Firefox yet, go get it now! :p

Free Outlook integrated RSS Feed and Blog reader

A free Rss Feed reader (much like Newsgator but free) is available at

This integrates really well into Outlook and as an added bonus, the source code is available too.

Testing media player inspection from Deepest Sender

Update: If it did get the music info, I can’t see it 😐

Just trying to see whether Deepest Sender (an excellent Firefox plugin for posting to WordPress blogs from Firefox) actually picks up what is currently playing in Media Player.

Oh and if you are having trouble logging in to your WordPress blog with Deepest Sender, this blog helped me out by telling me:

you just need configure the plug-in with the following post URL:”

Nice little extension that one 🙂

Ping Pong

For the last couple of Monday evenings, I have been pootling down to Karori Recreation Centre to partake of an evenings sport with Karori Table Tennis Club. Not since, ooh too long ago, have I taken part. It has been both fun and really hard work getting back in to it.
Three hours at a time really takes it out of my ever older quadriceps and glutes, but hey what the hell, it has been great.
All ages and skill levels are there ranging from absolute beginner to advanced but a good evening is definitely had by all.

Doctors to publish World of Warcraft Stats?

Reuters reported today that Surgeons who play video games are more skilled

Now that is something I would like to see. League tables of surgeon stats at World Of Warcraft.

Doctor 1: “You playing golf this afternoon”

Doctor 2: “No, me, the anaesthetist and some of the others are getting together for some heavy Arena Tournament action.” 😀