What an amazing night – standing on an overheating generator on a stop and start truck where I could not see my daughter while she walked alongside the truck through a crowd of @80,000 people while singing ourselves sore and my missus got lost amongst them :p.

It was great!!!

I really mean that. The stop-start truck mostly just provided a few laughs as people tried to maintain their balance and it wasn’t that often. The singing was incredibly up-beat, and accompanied by a group of west african palm drummers, really set a great mood for the float and got the crowds going a treat too. One of the sopranos was keeping an eye on Jordan (thank you very much for that), and after an initial issue with the generator – it all went swimmingly well. Jen also hooked up with a friend and had a spectacular night too from the sound of it.

Big shout out to Gina (and crew) who put in a huge amount of effort in putting the phoenix themed float together – looked astounding. And to Julian, for keeping the music and song going in a superb fashion.

Don’t think Jordan will be forgetting that one in a hurry – “I felt like I was really famous. I high-fived soooo many people” 😀

I am thoroughly looking forwards to the next Wellington Community Choir event (next Sunday, so not too far).


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