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You know you’re getting older when…..


I mean really… slippers.

This stalwart item of indoor footwear for aging aunties and uncles everywhere. Can there be any better sign of aging (to put it politely) than not only the purchase of, but also the enjoyment of, said item.

Still, I suppose I did become an Uncle earlier this year. (Hey Declan, hows tricks?)

Heh – still love that. “Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fie Di Jow! You want a piece of Uncle?”

And yes, I do have a great pair of black (not All Blacks) fur-lined slippers and yes they are lovely to put on when I get home ;).


Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun!

Last night I finally managed to meet face to face with a lovely lady by the name of Tania, who runs and owns the Big Air Gym in Tawa. This place is a gymnastics centre which also happens to do a bit of trampolining. It sounds like they have had a bit of on and off sucess with it, as they have had issues with continuity of coaches. This is where I come in.

Through a bizarre set of circumstances we have been unable to contact each other for about 6 weeks but finally managed to do so this Tuesday. After meeting last night at the gym we have settled on starting 2 recreational classes a week with a third to come for competition development with yours truly as the coach :D. I am sooooo excited.

Will update next week with how it went, but for now, WAHEY!!!!!!!

Community Choir Annual Concert

Well we are now really gearing up to the Wellington Community Choir Annual Concert to be held on Friday September 14th to a packed 400 seater theatre. (Eeek, nearly spelt that the american way).

We will be singing a global collection of songs for about 2 hours (:0) and a great evening should be had by all.

Full details can be found at the Wellington Community Choir website and of course if you happen to find yourself in Wellington on the night in question, let me know as tickets are currently still available.

Anyway, back to the exercises.

Mi Ma Mo, Mi Ma Mo
Do rey me fah so lah tee doh!…….


Why do we do it?

We pay for access to a gym in the desperate hope of improving our health or fitness, or if we are completely honest trying to recapture our pre mid-life buffness, and we end up feeling, moving and sounding like a bad parody of Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein’s Monster or some extra from Land of the Dead.

What’s that all about then?

Little Blue

Last night I went back to the gym. Yup, I actually went back. Did more swimming that I have since my early teens. The pool itself is quite nice, being filled with Salt water rather than chlorinated water which was a new one on me, but the swim itself seemed no different. No floating on the top ala Dead Sea style unfortunately.
T’is really scary to realise either, how fit you once were or, how unfit you have become. At the induction I was told that I have above average, but not quite good, fitness so I am going to go with the former 🙂 Anyway – today will be cardio in the gym, “I am not my body – it’s pain is not my pain”. I wonder how other gym members would react if I start Om-ing to get me through it 😉

One more landmark acheived

Today I felt was another of those landmarks. I sit all day at my machine typing away and I am no longer able to get to the martial arts classes that I would like to for a variety of reasons (including being half a world away). As a result, the simple equation of energy in vs energy out is remarkably unbalanced in one particular direction meaning my tan tien region is growing ever stouter. Not the strength of my tan tien, just the region. So I have joined the gym!

I went through my induction today and Glenn, the personal trainer who walked me through today’s introduction to torture, has put me on a mostly cardio workout, to get in the “Fat burning zone”, heh and eek at the same time. My intention is to get to the gym 4 times a week, twice to workout, twice to swim. We will see what happens.

Query Optimisations Team Blog

For some time now I have subscribed to Craig Freedmans blog. The guy really knows his stuff and if you want to understand some of the gubbins(?) of the SQL query executions, plans  and processing, this is really worth a looksee.

In a post I saw today, There is a link to the SQL Query Optimization Team blog. I had not encountered this before but it looks like another goldmine of query optimisation  and execution tips – “providing tips, tricks, advice and answers to freqeuently-asked questions in a continued effort to make your queries run faster and smoother in SQL Server”

PIE Rulez

Well kind of.

I currently work for a small financial institution in New Zealand and we are currently developing systems for a new investment type, the PIE (Portfolio Investment Entity).

Now I seriously doubt that anyone else in the office was ever a big Weebl and Bob fan as no-one, but no-one , seems to have a problem with this. Every time I hear someone talk about distributions of PIE I think we start talking at cross purposes. How rare.

That time of schooling year

Jordan got her school report last week, and after an extremely hectic weekend, we finally got a chance to read it. On the whole her report was excellent with mostly “Acheived with Merit” and a number of “Acheived with Excellence” gradings which was well received. There were a couple of areas which may need attention including programming in ICT 😮 but otherwise, good job Jordan.

Oh and the overriding tone of the report seemed to be, Jordan is a lively and enthusiastic class participant but needs to focus more on the task at hand. Don’t know where she gets it from at all. 😉

Bornefield Labradors now online

Some close friends up in Auckland kindly asked me to do a website for their breeding and competition labradors. They are all gorgeous and friendly dogs, and becoming incredibly successful too 🙂 and I was thrilled at the prospect. I am not a designer of sites but thought I would have a go, and also it would give me a chance to flex some (very) underused design muscles.

Anyway, as my first paying website clients (:0) I figured I should tell the world. The site is available at and is continually evolving so worth checking back periodically.

Currently on the 2nd page in the world and the 1st page for NZ only “labradors” searches in google and trying to get up the ranks in MSN. We will have to see how that develops.