Gordon’s alive!

OK, so it has been, like, forevah since posting and really I should be hard at work, but the bug just bit and I simply had to get something down to update everyone.

It has been waaaaaay to long since posting anything here and for that I earnestly apologise. I am crap with phone calls and personal emails, especially with the time differences but that does not really excuse me from not posting here. So I shall endeavour to post more regularly.

Updates; we are still busy wee beans. Jordan is now involved in a bunch of gymnastics classes (about 3 classes a week), kung-fu and trampolining, as well as still singing, drama and even after all that still getting homework done, learning PhotoShop(TM) and managing to squeeze in a social life too. Phew. She is thriving and blossoming on it all. Go girl.

Jen is still writing and the stories are simply delightful. I am sure she will get snatched up fairly soon, we just need to get a few more out there. The momentum is a building. She has just finished another writing course (not sure if she is signing up for another) and is currently spending most of her time sorting out the stuff that has come across from the UK. I guess it must be official now. We are staying. ย Oh and thanks Jen for getting through the headache that are the company accounts. Love you loads. Mwa Mwa.ย She is even restarting Tai-Chi and would like to work with children and see world peace.ย 

And Me? I am doing pretty well too. Have now been contracting for 6 months, and just got a renewal on my contract from my current place of employment (\o/), where I am thoroughly enjoying the new environment, dynamic and team here. Great place to work. I am also doing the kung-fu thang again which is great, if not a little more painful for being more demanding on a slightly more out of shape and older body ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Curse you time lord. Still singing with the Wellington Community Choir and a male voice choir too, and maybe even the National Male Voice Choir of New Zealand! But will have to see how that last one goes. I have rekindled my passion for Scuba diving again and am diving a couple of times a month. It really is seriously different to diving on the South coast of England. And still coaching trampolining. The kids are going great and developing very nicely. It may be time to get them into a couple of minor competitions ๐Ÿ™‚ See how we get on this term I think.

Right, that should be enough to keep you lot going for another year or so ๐Ÿ˜‰ :p Hope you are all well, and it won’t be so long till the next one, promise.


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  1. Lazlo Sennur on

    (Crazy guitar begins) He saved everyone of us!!!

    Ahem, yes well, good to hear your all doing well and finally updating the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ BoB btw, I just made the account a long while back for a project I never really finished (huh, same as always you say :P)

    Good to hear your keeping up with the kung fu and more ๐Ÿ˜€

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