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Sing for your life

Friday night was the annual concert for the Wellington Community Choir. What a night. We sang to a packed out Citadel audience (about 400 capacity) to a lovely and enthusiastic audience who at one point were even singing without us! 🙂

With a range of songs in Native American Indian, Zimbabwean,  South African, Macedonian, Georgian, Mauri, Welsh and a number of other places in the world it really was an evening of global song. It was wonderful. We had audience participation, with people coming up on stage to join us for certain numbers (some Zimbabweans who knew one of the songs we were about to sing), We had spotlights on particular groups including the Wellington Community Childrens Choir (including a great performance by Jordan), the Djansa Djembe drummers and of course the Male and Female voice choirs did a spot as well.

I must confess my legs turned to jelly at the turn of the Mal voice choirs spot. No one to hide behind and all and we were right out in front. We also had quite a few South Africans in the both the audience and the choir and we were singing the Zulu part of their national anthem Nkosi Sikelel I’Afrika. Pressure much 🙂 This jelly legged syndrome was somewhat eased with the rapturous applause and cheering it received. Somewhat. Enough so the next Georgian song (Mgzavruli) was pleasureable to sing.

A really heartwarming evening which also helped raise a fair amount for the Refugee Family Reunification Trust. Nice one all!  Can’t wait till the next one.


Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun!

Last night I finally managed to meet face to face with a lovely lady by the name of Tania, who runs and owns the Big Air Gym in Tawa. This place is a gymnastics centre which also happens to do a bit of trampolining. It sounds like they have had a bit of on and off sucess with it, as they have had issues with continuity of coaches. This is where I come in.

Through a bizarre set of circumstances we have been unable to contact each other for about 6 weeks but finally managed to do so this Tuesday. After meeting last night at the gym we have settled on starting 2 recreational classes a week with a third to come for competition development with yours truly as the coach :D. I am sooooo excited.

Will update next week with how it went, but for now, WAHEY!!!!!!!

Community Choir Annual Concert

Well we are now really gearing up to the Wellington Community Choir Annual Concert to be held on Friday September 14th to a packed 400 seater theatre. (Eeek, nearly spelt that the american way).

We will be singing a global collection of songs for about 2 hours (:0) and a great evening should be had by all.

Full details can be found at the Wellington Community Choir website and of course if you happen to find yourself in Wellington on the night in question, let me know as tickets are currently still available.

Anyway, back to the exercises.

Mi Ma Mo, Mi Ma Mo
Do rey me fah so lah tee doh!…….

Sorry Freddy

This weekend saw the end of term party for the Wellington Community Choir. T’was a great night all told and was good to see people in a different light. Turns out the event was a Karaoke night. Jordan was in heaven. She must have done 5 or 6 songs, and held her own in the most part (I guess that only has relevance if you know the standard of everyone else there :p).

I too can now no longer say I am a Karaoke virgin. Three others and myself (no names, no pack drill) did a successfull slaughtering of *ahem* “Bohemian Raphsody”. I am so sorry Freddy. In fairness we did alright. With a few “awesome”s and a fair few cheers and rounds of applause throughout and at the end. All told, good fun really.

More Hoarse-manship

Well, the choirs performance at the Commonwealth Day Observance Ceremony went really well.

Jordan and I both leant our voices to the ensemble (about 60-ish voices in all) and the sounds from within the Cathedral were again, really quite stirring. A great place to sing and as much fun as could be had at one of these events was had by all I am sure ;).

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What an amazing night – standing on an overheating generator on a stop and start truck where I could not see my daughter while she walked alongside the truck through a crowd of @80,000 people while singing ourselves sore and my missus got lost amongst them :p.

It was great!!!

I really mean that. The stop-start truck mostly just provided a few laughs as people tried to maintain their balance and it wasn’t that often. The singing was incredibly up-beat, and accompanied by a group of west african palm drummers, really set a great mood for the float and got the crowds going a treat too. One of the sopranos was keeping an eye on Jordan (thank you very much for that), and after an initial issue with the generator – it all went swimmingly well. Jen also hooked up with a friend and had a spectacular night too from the sound of it.

Big shout out to Gina (and crew) who put in a huge amount of effort in putting the phoenix themed float together – looked astounding. And to Julian, for keeping the music and song going in a superb fashion.

Don’t think Jordan will be forgetting that one in a hurry – “I felt like I was really famous. I high-fived soooo many people” 😀

I am thoroughly looking forwards to the next Wellington Community Choir event (next Sunday, so not too far).