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Oh we do like to be beside the sea side

What a lovely time we had yesterday. It was a bright sunny day so we grabbed a bunch of picnic stuff, one of Jordan’s mates and we all headed off down to Day’s Bay beach in Eastbourne (the other side of Wellington Harbour). The kids had great fun jumping off things into the ocean or otherwise lolling about on boogie boards, I got to finish the Black Magician Trilogy (by Trudi Canavan – it definately warmed on me) and Jen went for a lovely beach stroll. Nice one.

Tonight we get to sing in front of a bunch of diplomats and MPs at a NZ state occasion at Wellington Anglican Cathedral. I am quite looking forwards to it. Will update on that one soon.


Slightly hoarse now

Not really, but continuing the theme of a previous post.

This weekend Jordan and I were again performing as part of the Wellington Community Choir (her first public performance with the choir – the Cuba St Carnival didn’t count as she was too busy giving high fives 😉 ), this time at the Newtown Fair. We had a half hour slot and sung a really nice selection of African tunes accompanied by some West African Palm Drummers (I think that’s right). which together sounded lovely from my perspective – and Jen, who was in the crowd, said that she noticed a real difference in the warmth and energy being generated by the choir. Could be she was just enjoying the sun too :p.

Last night, we got to rehearse in the Anglican Cathedral in central Wellington, which while it is a modern Cathedral (by England’s standards at least) the acoustics were quite lovely. This is, of course, where we will be singing two numbers for the Commonwealth Observance Ceremony (apparently this is a State ceremony). Heh – should be fun.
We also (finally) got a chance to light a candle to those still dearly missed, which I know Jordan appreciated. Every time we had tried to do this in the UK, there were numerous obstacles (churches shut outside of service times, candles no longer available etc). I always felt this was a great shame (perhaps necessary but still a shame) and it was really nice to finally be able to do this again.

Back to the singing, it turns out that on the 24th we have two performances – one at the Te Papa museum and another at the Michael Fowler centre in town both of which look like great venues so really looking forward to those as well. Performance schedule is starting to busy up now, wonder how far this will continue :).