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Air Powered Car

Finally, after years of drolling over stories of the Lee Rogers air powered car and screaming at the politicians that solutions already exist concerning the environmental impact of transport, a story came to my attention via an ex work colleague (thanks Tony).

A car is due to be released in India in August 2008, just 1 year away, which is run entirely on air!!!

YAY!!! /

/me starts looking for a New Zealand distributor


It’s official – keeping fit adds to global warming

In a very tongue in cheek suggestion, 2 researchers from the University of Bristol reckon that stopping breathing may help reduce the effects of global warming.

“If we merely cut out one breath in three, we could decrease the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere each year by a staggering 0.63 gigatonnes. That’s the same effect as saving five million acres of land (an area the size of Wales) from deforestation”

“When we undertake strenuous exercise our metabolic rate tends to increase by at least 50%. So during a 30-minute bout, we could be expelling an extra 8.3g of carbon dioxide.”

“So the key to reversing climate change and saving the planet is simple: do nothing. Absolutely nothing. In an ideal world, we’d all just sit around keeping our breathing rates as low as possible, skipping the odd breath here and there just to help matters along. That way we’d all be minimising our carbon output.”

Nice one guys, I now have the perfect excuse for staying out of the gym – I’m saving the planet! 😀

This story courtesy of the guys at The Register.