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Community Choir Annual Concert

Well we are now really gearing up to the Wellington Community Choir Annual Concert to be held on Friday September 14th to a packed 400 seater theatre. (Eeek, nearly spelt that the american way).

We will be singing a global collection of songs for about 2 hours (:0) and a great evening should be had by all.

Full details can be found at the Wellington Community Choir website and of course if you happen to find yourself in Wellington on the night in question, let me know as tickets are currently still available.

Anyway, back to the exercises.

Mi Ma Mo, Mi Ma Mo
Do rey me fah so lah tee doh!…….


Slightly hoarse now

Not really, but continuing the theme of a previous post.

This weekend Jordan and I were again performing as part of the Wellington Community Choir (her first public performance with the choir – the Cuba St Carnival didn’t count as she was too busy giving high fives 😉 ), this time at the Newtown Fair. We had a half hour slot and sung a really nice selection of African tunes accompanied by some West African Palm Drummers (I think that’s right). which together sounded lovely from my perspective – and Jen, who was in the crowd, said that she noticed a real difference in the warmth and energy being generated by the choir. Could be she was just enjoying the sun too :p.

Last night, we got to rehearse in the Anglican Cathedral in central Wellington, which while it is a modern Cathedral (by England’s standards at least) the acoustics were quite lovely. This is, of course, where we will be singing two numbers for the Commonwealth Observance Ceremony (apparently this is a State ceremony). Heh – should be fun.
We also (finally) got a chance to light a candle to those still dearly missed, which I know Jordan appreciated. Every time we had tried to do this in the UK, there were numerous obstacles (churches shut outside of service times, candles no longer available etc). I always felt this was a great shame (perhaps necessary but still a shame) and it was really nice to finally be able to do this again.

Back to the singing, it turns out that on the 24th we have two performances – one at the Te Papa museum and another at the Michael Fowler centre in town both of which look like great venues so really looking forward to those as well. Performance schedule is starting to busy up now, wonder how far this will continue :).


What an amazing night – standing on an overheating generator on a stop and start truck where I could not see my daughter while she walked alongside the truck through a crowd of @80,000 people while singing ourselves sore and my missus got lost amongst them :p.

It was great!!!

I really mean that. The stop-start truck mostly just provided a few laughs as people tried to maintain their balance and it wasn’t that often. The singing was incredibly up-beat, and accompanied by a group of west african palm drummers, really set a great mood for the float and got the crowds going a treat too. One of the sopranos was keeping an eye on Jordan (thank you very much for that), and after an initial issue with the generator – it all went swimmingly well. Jen also hooked up with a friend and had a spectacular night too from the sound of it.

Big shout out to Gina (and crew) who put in a huge amount of effort in putting the phoenix themed float together – looked astounding. And to Julian, for keeping the music and song going in a superb fashion.

Don’t think Jordan will be forgetting that one in a hurry – “I felt like I was really famous. I high-fived soooo many people” 😀

I am thoroughly looking forwards to the next Wellington Community Choir event (next Sunday, so not too far).

Choral Calender

Lots going on over the next month or so as part of Wellington Community Choir (of which I am one of the bass’ and Jordan is a soprano).

We have the largest float in the Cuba Street Carnival where we are doing something like an hour and a half spot.
And there is an event at Newtown Community Centre.
We have another thing at Te Papa Museum,
We have been asked to sing at the Commonwealth Observance ceremony at the cathedral in front of diplomats and MPs and stuff.

All in the next month.

Right – I’m of to gargle 🙂