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Bouncing Fun

Well, last week and this week went excellently. The kids are so enthusiastic and ready to learn, it is great. And of course half of them are ex or current gymnasts. So things like forward and back somersaults are a breeze to these kids. The only real challenge for them with somersaults is landing them on the spot :).
I think, on the whole, there are many things this club has in common with many others, recreation jumping needs to be fun, the kids need to learn and progress not just in terms of new tricks, but also form and swingtime. I am looking forwards to what the future brings and seeing it all progress. There are a few real stars there already.
I would like to introduce a progress / awards type system. This is a great way for the kids to see how they are progessing. I need to look to see if there are any NZ schemes currently being run, but I am not sure if there are as I know others who have just adapted the UK awards system. I shall probably end up doing something similar until I can find out more.
Anyway, all good thus far and looking forward to more.


Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun!

Last night I finally managed to meet face to face with a lovely lady by the name of Tania, who runs and owns the Big Air Gym in Tawa. This place is a gymnastics centre which also happens to do a bit of trampolining. It sounds like they have had a bit of on and off sucess with it, as they have had issues with continuity of coaches. This is where I come in.

Through a bizarre set of circumstances we have been unable to contact each other for about 6 weeks but finally managed to do so this Tuesday. After meeting last night at the gym we have settled on starting 2 recreational classes a week with a third to come for competition development with yours truly as the coach :D. I am sooooo excited.

Will update next week with how it went, but for now, WAHEY!!!!!!!